About Us

The V-tech Tuning company has existed under its name in Cracow since 1997. We specialise in electronic tuning. The firm is based on graduates from the Cracow University of Technology (Institute of Motor Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engines) and the University of Mining and Metallurgy - AGH (Department of Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics). We have our own laboratory, and we conduct research at the universities in Cracow.
We co-operate with companies and research centres in Poland and abroad. The objective of our investigations is to develop new steering systems. We are working on our own software for drivers by Bosch, Siemens, Delco, Nippon Denso, Magnetti-Marelli, Sagem, Weber, as well as some untypical drivers (e.g. Tochi Honda). Also, for some vehicles we offer solutions developed by other companies. Besides, we develop and produce power modules - power boxes (the so-called Black Boxes) and transitional tuning linking elements for all of modern turbodiesels. Last, but not least, we develop non-typical solutions - drivers for cars with extra-added turbochargers. Our products are sold in Poland, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and recently also in Spain and Portugal. We are planning to enter the eastern markets and to expand our dealers' network in other European countries.

All the time we are trying to work on new ideas and supplement one another's education. We take part in scientific conferences related to our field, and publish scientific papers of non-commercial character. Also, we offer a kind of free help for students and persons preparing for work on their master thesis in the field of our activity. We do not limit our activities just to research in the field of automotive technologies, but we operate in the general fields of controlling, automatics, combustion chemistry and engine mechanics. Moreover, our company is in possession of ready patents in the area of new technologies, as well as some solutions in the related domains - not necessarily connected with motorization.